The Ritual of Fates + Genesis Avatars Launch on GameStop

Tollan Worlds
3 min readJun 2


After defeating The Guardian in the depths of Mycelium Mines, their fate was forever changed by one of four Marks of Fate: Tah, Elve, Sevend, and Keth. Each of them began at the ancient altar but later spread around the whole continent taking care of their personal deeds and embarking on their own adventures.

What are the Genesis Avatars?

Tollan Worlds Genesis Avatars are limited-edition playable avatars with a unique set of visual traits and exclusive benefits across the Tollan Worlds ecosystem.

Why own a Genesis Avatar?

Your avatar is your own unique identity in Tollan Worlds. As an owner you will get exclusive access to early game tests and extra content once the game is released, discounts at the in-game store, and collectible cosmetics drops. Owning an Avatar means supporting the project and shaping it along the way of its development.

How to get an Avatar?

In order to obtain an avatar you need to gather* all Marks of Fate together. You can get Mark of Fate here. We initially said that the process of retrieving Avatars (also known as The Ritual of Fates) would start once all 6000 Marks found their owners, however in order to reward our early community members and existing Marks owners, we made a decision to start The Ritual of Fates regardless of the number of Marks’ owners.

The Ritual of Fates will begin on June 1st at 10 pm PT.
1. Go to
2. Click “Get Genesis Avatar”
3. Connect your Wallet
4. Put all four different Marks of Fate together. You can do it in a few ways:
— Have all 4 Marks yourself
— Invite holders of other Marks to your room
(You can have from 1 to 4 people in the party, the only important thing is that you need to have four different Marks of Fate together)
5. After all Marks are inserted The Ritual of Fates will start. When you insert your Mark into the ritual, it cannot be retrieved back.
6. All four Marks will burn, and the owners will get Avatars marked with respective marks that they inserted into The Ritual.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain and Digital on-chain Collectibles are painful topics for many gamers. However, there is a very strong reason behind us using it for Genesis Avatars and many other future Collectibles in Tollan Worlds. It's all mainly about transparency. Transparency of the supply, distribution, and price that creates a delicate incentive balance between us and our community. So many times in the gaming industry developers would print skins, and many other in-game assets, launch loot boxes without verifiable drop rates and adjust prices based on their needs. Our aim is to change that and create a community-driven monetization that focuses on giving value to the player in the first place.

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