Do something fun: Photo shoot!

On a lonely Friday afternoon one of my friends reached out to me saying another teammate of ours had an open studio. We decided it’d be fun to take some artsy track team pictures so we gathered some old jerseys and headed over to West bank. I thought it’d be a good idea because I’ve never done a photoshoot for a sport specifically, and at the same time it would serve as an opportunity to bond as a team. It ended up being an absolute blast. We got some amazing pictures, laughed a lot, and overall had a great experience.

Mind Map (Written):

Mind Map (Digitization): First made on paper, then translated onto application.

Suggested Themes:

· Smart watches

Smart technology applied to our every day life can be very helpful in overall health. Currently products are being produced to assist people in achieving their goals. Smart watches and fitness bands have exploded in the past few years, but I think they could be improved and that it’d be beneficial to investigate the boundaries of where this could go in terms of weight loss, goals, cardio, organization, hormones, and so much more.

· Chiropractic Care

Traditional western medicine is great for people once they are sick, to be evaluated and given something to treat the symptoms; however, eastern medicine and many holistic practices have proven to be a lot “healthier” overall. Despite much research many people don’t know about chiropractic care and holistic medicine in general, and those that do, often have a negative stigma about it. I think focusing on this would be beneficial in examining what medical care really means, and finding a proper balance between different approaches to care.

· Motivation/Goals

Though this may seem relatively broad, it’s a huge factor in any individual’s health. Whether we know it or not, we all have goals. I think defining them well and being aware of them has immeasurable effects in their success rate. Currently many people have trouble sticking to goals or organizing them properly .Looking into the emotional and neurological effects of how our goals drive us would help us better understand effective ways of accomplishing goals.

10 Silly Ideas

  1. Hydrate or Else

2. Yoga Sketch +

3. Pez Dispenser for Vitamins

4. Foam Roller Speaker

5. Rate Remote

6. Better Waker Up

7. Limiting Screen-time App (Daylight $avings)

8. Anti-Banana-Bruiser

9. Car Key Breathalyzer

10. Kinetic Charging Pants