A summer of exponential growth

Designing at an early stage startup

3 things are at the core of who I am- Design, Technology and Startups. I’ve been interested in these areas for as long as I can remember and have welcomed every opportunity to explore them.

I believe life starts as soon as you decide it does and I wasn’t going to wait till after graduation to explore these opportunities. One of such opportunities is the RBC uOttawa CO-OP Entrepreneurship Program.

This program presented me with a unique opportunity to interview with and eventually work with amazing startups building great products.

In this program, I was fortunate to land an opportunity with Transparent Kitchen. They are amazing team on a mission to digitize the food industry by leveraging technology to create meaningful content that effectively tells the stories of our restaurants. We are building the first intelligent food and beverage platform and nifty interactive menu that can be embedded on just about any existing site. I joined the team as a product design intern supporting the design and development teams product development efforts.

I joined them to learn about radical transformation with design and technology. Together we are a focused team armed with the mission of changing the way people experience their local food and the chefs behind them. From this experience, I am learning first hand how to be a catalytic designer in a high growth startup team.

On this team, I’ve had big opportunities to take on project ownership and the delta for skill growth has been huge. I’ve had the opportunity to tackle designing for consumer search, a design system and for our customer engagement efforts at the company. I’ve been able to think very deeply about what I’m building and how it relates to our product goals and the value we aim to create for our chefs and diners.

I’ve learned how to juggle all the various demands of being a domain expert and also being able to take on various challenges as they come my way.

I’m very thankful to the RBC COOP Scholarship for another great opportunity on my path to being a founder myself.