Learning to Live

stolen from http://bricemercerblog.blogspot.com.ng/2010/12/learning-to-live.html (covers face)
N.B: I am not about to die, no terminal illness, I am not a writer and probably do not have the best command of English, just trying to live, so do not judge me, especially when you see typos. Chip in corrections where necessary and feel free to suggest new ways to live life.

No news that I am a workaholic, I spend all day everyday at work.

I even try deceiving myself that I do not work all the time by keeping my WhatsApp open, so I am online and people go “you are always online”, but reality is — I am not really online.[I am trying to be cool so you would see a bunch of unnecessary dashes ( — ), I don’t even know what they mean, or why they are used.]

I used to be fun, I used to have a nickname — save for later (if you know, you know). I could make a room go up in flames (now I am trying to strike through the flames and have a really cool text but medium won’t allow, so if you know how it is done, please tell me in the comment section(if that is what it is called here).

A little Detour : I have tried naming this post, but I really had to settle for learning to live as it best describes all of the texts and my attempt at being funny that I have put down here …

I, sometimes earlier this year was “almost” depressed, I know I don’t look like such but really who looks depressed, also you probably don’t know what I look like :) . You never really know what people are dealing with. I have friends, maybe just about a dozen of them.

So my first step to living life is reading, I have always been the worst at this, trust me when I say worst, all my Uni friends/course mates knew me for my bad habit, a note a semester, I wonder how I graduated. I hardly ever consumed information, I was a self churning information machine (liar for short, lol, not really, but I could actually know things without reading before, just discussions and application of self). I have recently started reading, I set out this year to read a book a month, but I ended up not reading anything for more than half the year… typical me! but this month of August, something changed (or lemme say is changing), I have read more than I have read in my entire life, trust me when I say this.

I plan to read 12 books before the end of this year, small but I would rather start small than set goals I won’t even get to. then I have almost read 24 medium posts, especially the 4 mins read (covers face), not my fault but that’s what I can achieve for now.

Also I plan to try my hands at writing, I must let you know I have a very amazing writer sister (or sister writer, or lemme just not be cool and say a sister that is a writer).. whew! So she recently launched her first book and I am so proud of her, I wish I had it going like that, but again it’s never too late.

BTW… She is my younger sister, little rat sister

I don’t know how well I can do other things in my attempt at living a little, but I sure would add more to my list and update as I go on.

If you are like me just trying to be a reader, get a free or paid book today on buboox … if I can start reading I am sure many more better and worse than I was can also start reading. “Readers are learners” — that’s me trying to motivate (lol).

Do give feedbacks and corrections where necessary, it’s a journey and I would love you to be part of it. (Fist bump). [I forgot to keep adding my dashes ( — ), well in my next post they would be waiting for you].

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