There is no such thing as race

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N.B: I am referring to the common term human race, not running or competing for something that i do not really care about now. (hehe)

So tell me what really is race?

According to the dictionary (i don’t know which now) race is defined as each of the major divisions of humankind, having distinct physical characteristics.

Yes! true according to them, but let’s look back and take a simple analogy of the dog as said by Bill Nye the science guy. — if a great Dane interacts with a chihuahua, [now interacts means mate], all you get is a dog, regardless of what we want to call it, mixed breed or any other thing we want to call it, it is still a dog.

We are in the same manner just humans, the colors of our skin is a result of the ultraviolet light we are exposed to, climate, and latitude. We all are (or came) from Africa, but time and tide has made migrants loose some pigments and colors based on the location they found themselves and the climate at the given location

So what am i trying to say? we are all humans and should not be judged by the colors of our skin. Yes i am black and i am proud to be that, no one should have to go through complex problems leading to various temporary remedies (like bleaching) and then they end up with worse irreversible problems. We all should learn to live as one. If we are to take a cue from GOT (shame on any non GOT fan, i can say this coz it’s not a race thing), we do not know what is beyond whatever wall we are facing and the best way to face any situation is together, in oneness. As one man i can only do this much, but together we can do much more. [now i am not sure i know how this really fits]

A little detour — this is not a fight again racism call but a note to enlighten us on the reason to treat everyone as a person.

But all i want you to take away from this really short text is this — we are all one species.

If you think there is more we can add to this, do update me, if you have any reservations, you can also update me. we will add all updates here for anybody to read and reread.

Thank you for your time.

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