At my 22years of age sat in my room in the dark on a Saturday night single af, reflecting on the men that have crossed my path.

Mr nice guy:awwww as I think about you, I smile.You were perfect how I wish I didn’t meet you during my fuck girl days… you were just too nice, I could practically get away with murder with you. You loved me and I knew it so I took you for granted. Wherever you are I wish you nothing but the best xoxo

Mr charmer: How you stole my heart while I was with mr nice guy. Had the best memories with you, consistently laughed,never a dull moment with you

Started of as friends, a year in I was in love with you. But you talked a lot especially. when you’re angry which ruined us,I had to check out… can’t be dealing with my business out here on the streets with your loose mouth.I hope you fix up and learn to keep quite because you were pretty amazing. You’re future wife will defs die of laughter xoxo

Mr fuckboy: oooooh Mr fuckboy, sometimes I feel I may never get over you. Boy I loved you. You’ve been in and out of my life since I was 15,been there while I was out exploring through mr nice guy&Mr charmer. At 20 I finally succumbed to your charm, I always thought you were my Bella naija story. We had good times at the beginning, how thing took for the worse with your non-chalant attitude towards life. You hurt me, I forgive you…

To my ex’es thank you, I learnt something about myself from you,I grew to know what I want,what I cannot accept, hence what standard I expect from a prospective Mr the one…

Mr the one: I’m busy chasing my dreams, I’ve prayed the next man I entertain will be you. I’m patiently waiting till day i meet you, hopefully sooner than later xoxo

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