Independence message to Nigerian Government.

What an interesting and reassuring childhood you will say I had. Were my parent and teachers told me stories about governance in Nigeria and the great exploit our leaders are making in government ,I had a big picture of nigeria and its governance structure. 
 Growing up and becoming accustomed to the politics of this Nation, I begin to notice that what I was told by my parent and teachers about our leaders were just mere illusions, height that were not attained by them, a picture about a well structured country which still has a lot to be desired to reach that height. 
 A major reason for this is the non continuity of existing government project by their successor ,for instance if the opposition takes over power from the party in power, the new government will most likely not continue existing project but rather start new one and abadon the old ones. A quick look at nigerian politics from 1999 till date, you will notice a chain of abandoned project by the successor of the outgoing governor or president who started it , this is done in other to spite the party that lost the election or not to look weak and clueless to the detriment of nigerians who should be enjoying this projects.
 Nigerian Goverment are also fond of giving excuses for failure and try to justify the reason why they failed the current goverment. The current goverment in power, have started giving excuses for their low performance linking it to the previous government, claiming they embezzled money leaving the treasury empty. And so Nigerians should forgive their low performance and blame the previous government for it. Despite promising to change the country even after knowing that the economy was in a bad state before being elected. 
 Most politicians in Nigeria are only concerned about self rather than the people, they see public office as a money making venture were they can amass a lot of wealth, neglecting project which ought to be done by them , to the illfare of its citizens and future generation who should be enjoying the benefit of project done with those monies. 
 Nigerians are tired of excuses, we need to see the government working, fulfiling their campaign promises they made to Nigeria of restructuring the country. We need a better country that future generations will thank us for. Politicians need to begin to serve with a right heart to create a good standard which future generations can expand on. We are a very religious country, we need to instill that religious values into our governance pratice.

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