Suicide Mission.
Jasper Jaja

I ain’t a bible scholar. Would be happy to get your counter points.

Christianity is a belief in multi-dimensional reality (physical realm -earth, spiritual realm — heaven/hell).

If the definition of suicide here is applied to the earthly realm, then yes, Jesus committed suicide. However, the character of Jesus that is a basis for Christianity is not considered to be merely earthly or human, as he is believed to be the son of God who was conceived by the ‘Holy Spirit’ on earth. As such Jesus Christ could be viewed as a multi dimensional being.

Therefore, applying the term suicide to the actions of Jesus Christ, a multidimensional being, would be grossly incorrect because he is still alive in another dimension.

“Seeing as Jesus knew that he was only going to be dead for three days, is his death really a sacrifice since he did not lose his life ?”

First, he lost his life. He however gained it back.

Consider this, if I ask you if you would be nailed to a cross, brutally beaten, wear a crown of thorns, and be pierced till you DIE (for the sake of some strangers) but then tell you I will wake you back in the next three days (without a doubt), would you do it ?

if you do, does it make any of your actions less of a sacrifice after you have been woken from the dead ?

Second argument: prior to the coming of Jesus to earth, animal sacrifices were made as an atonement for human sins. The sacrifices involved the physical death of the animals, but the significance was in the blood that was shed. The physical blood.

However, the sacrifices had to be done occasionally because they were not considered a one all payment for man’s lifetime sins. It makes sense if Jesus Christ considered as God’s incarnate and son, who is greater than any man becomes the ‘atoning lamb’ to be used for sacrifice, and thus man’s eternal redemption. This sacrifice is also the ‘physical’ death of Jesus, but the signifance lies in the physical blood that was shed, and in his resssurection. His resurrection doesn’t downplay the fact that his blood was shed, thus the sacrifice.

As a Christian, my belief doesn’t spring from the Jesus that died, rather it springs from the Jesus that resurrected. Therefore, telling me that Jesus committed suicide would be incorrect.

.An analogy I find interesting, I think We could slightly compare this to the actions of Elizabeth keen in the series blacklist (if u watch it), where she was believed to have died/had to die momentarily to save her baby from the potential trouble of Raymond reddington. Would we classify this as suicide ?…is it self sacrifice ?

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