My Reflection on Andela values


When I stepped in to EPIC tower and the epic is written everywhere I thought its all a joke, Until I began to interact with people in the building, The learning process at the Bootcamp pushes me to always want to excel and the daily outcomes gives passion and endurance, you need to be passionate to meet those deadlines. When you walk across the building and you meet developers and fellows the EPIC is written all over them, they are willing to help with anything you want.

Excellence: Andela believes we are live long learners that strive for the mastery of our craft, that is written all over the place when you walk all over the building you will see fellows and developers busy with their laptops working and learning one thing or the other. Even at the Bootcamp, the learning process is awesome as you own your own learning and you can always learn at your own pace.

Passion: If you are not passionate there is no way you will make it into Andela, Andela believes that every Andelan pursues Andela's mission with unwavering energy and conviction. This they check in every of their recruitment stage you have to be passionate about what Andela believes in which is empowering today developers to take technology to the next stage in the future in Africa and the world at large.

Integrity: Andela chooses extraordinary people and trusts them to do the right thing always. That’s so evident in the way you see the fellows and the learning facilitators and the LFAs treat everyone in the Bootcamp equally because they believe that is the right thing to do. Your integrity level has to be on the high side before you can make it to Andela.

Collaboration: Andela believes that our sum is greater than our parts, that is why Andela is able to achieve these feats in a space of few years. This can only happen when everyone in the organization is in one accord and Andela tries to build this in aspiring developers right from boot camp, that is why at the boot camp, developers were grouped to ensure that they bond well.

My LFA is a complete example of EPIC he always pushes you to be a better programmer, he gives feedback in a very coordinated way, And in just a day my thoughts, behaviors are starting to be EPIC. Thanks to Andela for the wonderful opportunity.