A message in death

Hello Friend,

It’s been two days, I actually didn’t think I would be writing to you this soon but something happened to someone, then something happened to me.

It’s been a rocky few days but I’m learning from the things you said to me the last time. I think I’m better now, much much better.

Sunday’s are usually the worst. This one was even worse. We spent the early afternoon cleaning up after the dead. You know how they say death is the end? Well no, it’s the beginning of something for someone. If you pay close attention, there’s always something to learn after the death of each person.

Rummaging through what she left behind, we found a lot of things she bought but never needed. I mean, what are you doing with over a hundred and twenty pair of new shoes if you don’t own a retail chain?

She spent her life gathering things she didn’t need, most of these will now be going to people who need them. — Don’t spend life gathering things you don’t need. At the end of the day, you only need this and that in this life.

This doesn’t stop at material possessions. By great divine, things and people are appointed to happen in your life but be careful not to hang on to them for longer than necessary.

We grow, we go, we live, we learn, we move on.

I’m still grieving though, but I’m getting better and I think I’ll keep doing this just to keep my mind afloat. It’s a crazy life.

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