Life is Cumulative

Hello friend,

I have a question. Will you rather go your whole life seeking something and never finding it or seeking and finding but having to let go?

I knew you’d say that but I’m conflicted still. A choice has not been made but the likelihood of a pause is scary.

In life, there are ebbs and flows

How do you pull the plug on something you’ve wanted for so long so early?

I’m sure by now you know what I’m talking about. I’ve never considered myself one to love so hard or feel too deep or have I simply never found someone who will cause me to let my guard down and run defenselessly into something I have absolutely no control over?

Don’t build your happiness around things or people

Don’t give people the power to determine your own happiness.

You know what I have to say to that? That’s first degree bullshit.

Control is an illusion

I hate to break it to you but if you are interested in living a life full of hope, and appreciating the beauty in the connections you make, you have to give up control to some degree. You can decide who you allow into your life but after that, to fully appreciate the simple and beautiful things life has to offer, you have to give some of that up. But here’s the hard part: The fonder you are of a person, the more control you offer up to them.

It’s just life, don’t blame yourself. If you’re interested in finding out the true value of a life well lived, you have to experience these things.

Celebrate every moment

Love like it’s your first,

Cry like it’s your last,

Laugh till your belly hurts, and

Cry till your eyes turn red.

That’s the only way you can truly live life. After all, life is a cumulative of each moment, each experience, and every feeling we have ever felt so what kind of life are we living if we can’t live in and appreciate each moment as they come, even if it kills you?

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