Madness? No one is Mad

Growing up I was taught that ‘madness can’t be wished for in a child but interesting to see’.

Who taught me?
 The society did.

Who makes the society?

You and I.

I took this saying like an emblem until I grew old to understand.

I didn’t just grow to know this wasn’t palatable and true but by learning and training.

I have come to learn that nobody is mad actually but can be ill mentally.

You cannot be mad as a form of illness.
 You can be ill mentally and that is no stigma

We all at a point in a lives can be ill mentally but that doesn’t mean we would be walking the streets naked or misbehaving like a sheep without a shepherd.

I charge you this day to see whoever you see on the street behaving in a way not normal to you as not Mad but ill just as a person with malaria.

Anyone in your home who is ill emotionally also needs that care.

Till I come your way again,
 I wish you a Renewed Mind, Illuminated Spirit and a healthy body.

Originally published at Eat Fit.

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