The Private illness

A description of depression

Depression is a deeply personal and complex problem.

Sometimes it shows up amid billowing waves of tears, other times in unkindness toward loved ones but always brings a lost joy in living.

On the level of the mind, depression is a disabling state of sadness caused by injury to brain cells.

From a spiritual perspective, depression can present a crisis of faith.
 A feeling of betrayal that many folks experience in hard times may become oppressive in clinical depression.

Janet is a middle-aged praise leader and asked for help carrying a dark mood. She had lost 10kg and couldn't sleep.

She drags herself to work each morning. Her love for music and prayer all gone.
Her mind, body and spirit were aching under the weight of depression.

Among women, 20% become seriously depressed at some pints on their lifetimes (the risk for men is 10%).

What this means is that 2 out of 10 women you meet in the banking hall, at the mall, market place will know what it means to be clinically depressed.

Two out of 10 women you meet at the church will someday be depressed.

Irrespective of your work, you're not exempted.

Black Moods affect everyone from the tech guy behind his laptop to to the crafts man holding his cutting knife. From the engineer on site to the Pizza delivery guy.

Depression is a private illness, a hole in the soul and not often expressed in public.

People who appear confident and charming on the outside may on the inside believe themselves to be weak and worthless.

That sharply dressed guy at the bus stop may be obsessing over his failures.

The woman singing in the choir may actually be thinking about ending her life.
Depression is the unspoken illness of the taxi driver who looks sad and the restaurant manager who seems to be doing quiet well.