What I learned about cancer

In commemoration of World Cancer Day

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In 2005, I had my first encounter with cancer having lost my mum on the 14th of June that year.

It was like a dream when I was told she had cancer of the liver(Hepatocellular carcinoma)but unknown to me, it was just an introduction as the following year, I lost my grand-mum to a stage IV Ovarian cancer.

These two experiences opened me up to what cancer really is especially because I was more involved in the events leading to the second death.

After these experiences, whenever I hear people talk about cancer when trying to pass a piece of information comes to me like they are talking about a person who’s got a headache. Worthy of note is the media. Their way of passing this information to the public is appalling.

Every 4th of February is marked as World Cancer Day and the theme this year is #WeCanICan

However, I learnt certain things about cancer which I intend to share with you:

  1. The knowledge of the presence of a tumor in your body is enough to kill the sufferer internally. Actually, not just the sufferer because family members also get the rude shock. It is more painful if the person didn’t live the kind of life that should bring such an illness.
  2. The period of treatment (from surgery to chemotherapy or whatever form of treatment) is very demanding and draining on all sides.

Sometimes it may seem like the patient isn’t getting better but you just keep holding on with the hope that they come around.

3. Losing a person to cancer isn’t the same as losing a person to an accident. This is painful because the death isn’t sudden but no matter how hard you prepare, it would always be painful.

What Can WE do?

  1. Both the sufferer and the caregiver require care. They require the presence of friends and other family members from detection till final stop.
  2. It isn’t helpful when we attach spirituality to the cause of cancer. It’s okay to practice a certain faith but it doesn’t help when you bring it to fore that such a person was attacked. It prevents the family members from accepting the truth and seek help early.
  3. Encourage biopsy(this is the diagnosis used to detect cancer) when you realize certain growth in the body.
  4. We can stop polluting the air with fumes that can damage the lungs.

What Can I Do?

  1. I will take good care of my body
  2. I won’t take lightly thee strange feelings I experience in my body
  3. I will occasionally as a woman go for pap smear and as a man, I will go for a DRT( Digital rectal exam) to check my prostate.
  4. I will stay off smoking, eat healthy foods and stay in a glean environment
  5. Regular exercise is an antedote to cancer.


the common types of caner are breast, lung, prostrate, colorectal, bladder

Together, we can change the experience.

Like the theme of this year’s World Cancer Day states: “We can. I can.”

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