A culture of discipline

SUMMARY: Great companies are incredibly disciplined in their actions. This discipline, however, is a creative type of discipline consistent with the company’s hedgehog concept.

ASK YOURSELF: Have you built a culture of discipline? Are you actions strictly aligned to your goals?
To become great you have to have the discipline to do whatever it takes for you to be the best specifically in areas relevant to your goals. Then you seek constant improvement in those areas. That said, there is a difference between building an enduring culture of discipline and having a leader single-handedly disciplines the organization with sheer force. To illustrate this, Jim shows a matrix for creative discipline with the vertical axis labeled culture of discipline and the horizontal axis, ethic of entrepreneurship. On this matrix, we see great organizations at the top right with a high culture of discipline and high ethic of entrepreneurship. Keep in mind that if you have disciplined action without a clear hedgehog concept, you would not be able to produce great results. So we’ve covered how to come up with your hedgehog concept but how do you create a culture of discipline? With disciplined people, disciplined thought, and disciplined action.

WHAT TO DO: Start a stop-doing list not just a to-do list to remain conscious of what activities you are wasting time on that are not in line with your goal. Also, develop the discipline to not only say no to unproductive activities but also to actions that are not in line with your concept even if it seems to be a great opportunity.

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