I turn down the job offer because I have made a terrible mistake.

I turn down the job offer because I have made a terrible mistake.

Let me get straight onto the point, I fu***ed up in the whole job interview process.

To be specific though, I think I did great in the interview, and that’s why it kind of contributed to the company’s decision to give me an offer. The problem is, that I forget to view the job ad once again before going to the interview, and my targeted salary is two times lower than what the employer has expected.

The obvious result is that the employer just happily gives a job offer to me super before the expected date of the release. 22/5 is the day of my interview, and I have the offer on the very next day, unprecedented in the whole history of my career.

In retrospect, the speed of my offer can come down to two factors. Firstly, which I hope to believe, is that I really do great in my interview process and along with my academic background, the interviewer seems to really like me. The second factor, which I believe is more true, is that my targeted salary is way too low. Apparently, the company can extract more benefits from me and I am a self-deprecating guy who willingly underpays himself.

To be honest, the initially targeted salary is not bad for me as well, since many of my peers are doing internships for free or at best, for minimum wages. In comparison, my pay seems to be palatable, albeit quite a long working hour. The rational side of me wants to convince myself, that taking the offer is the correct choice.

However, the more I think about the pay disparity between me and my colleagues, and me being very naive to be exploited by the employer, the more I convince I should reject the offer.

Therefore, there are only two options left for me to choose from. First, go to ask the employer to negotiate the pay again, and second, straight-up reject the offer. The first option requires me to become the self-contradictory guy, making an offer higher than the initial expectation. This certainly harms my image as an employee if I eventually gain the upper hand in the negotiation, and it makes me feel bad as well, to become the guy who cares about money.

Eventually, I opt for the second option, though it’s a job I like.

This is quite a lesson to me. I lost the job which I do have an offer, and it become a total waste of time between me and the interviewer merely because I, in hindsight, think my initial offer is unjustified. The interviewer is super nice, and we chat about a lot of topics regardless of employment.

However, I do take pride in myself in regard to refusing to depreciate myself. My pay stands with my ability, and if I think my pay is not on par with my ability, I would opt for resignation instead of being steadfast in my position.

At the end of the day, I would love to take this experience as a meaningful lesson. At least I expect myself next time to be looking at the job ad one more time before the interview. My deepest apology to the company.

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Sometimes crypto, sometimes life.

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Sometimes crypto, sometimes life.

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