Trump promised ‘proof’ he’s innocent of sexual assault. He delivered an insult to our intelligence.
Judd Legum

The argument that first class airline seats in the late 70s/early 80s did not contain detachable or folding armrests has already been debunked. There is something else in the arrangement and construction of those seats, however, that will settle this matter. They’ve never been three abreast as in coach — only two per row, side-by-side. This fellow might have been seated across the aisle from, behind, or in front of Trump and Ms. Leeds. But unless he was standing on his seat peering downward at them every second, he would not be in a physical position to aver with such certainty that nothing untoward happened. He would not have been able to see a hand surreptitiously reach under a skirt from a nearby seat.

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