Venice In Film Photography

Tom Grimbert
Dec 23, 2018 · 4 min read
Venice, Kodak Ultramax 400

Last november, We went on a trip to the North part of Italy discovering the beautiful regions of South Tyrol and Dolomites. Venice being not far and considering that I had never been to Venice I decided to give it a try and include it on the roadmap.

You may be thinking now that visiting Venice (and the mountains) in november might not be the greatest idea and you would probably be right. There was some ups and downs for sure, but to me, those places at this period of the year were everything I was looking for when I entended this trip.

Quite fast the disappointment of not seing the top of the mountains gave place to an incredible authenticity, calm of being alone for the whole 8 days, and something more wild than ordinary. (you can check all the photos here)

“The Kodak KC 20 is a pretty limited camera in terms of user experience but it perfectly did the job when paired with the Ultramax 400 film.”

Being in film photography for very short time, Venice was the perfect occasion to bring on the Kodak KC 20 from Soviet Era found few weeks before on a market in Moscow, and some cheap Kodak Ultramax 400 film.

The Kodak KC 20 is a pretty limited camera in terms of user experience as you imagine (it’s the goal of a point and shoot camera) but it perfectly did the job paired with the Ultramax 400.

I was positively surprised of the results when I got the photos back from the lab. First of all, I was so happy that the camera was still working. Of course I didn’t relied 100% on it and carried a digital camera as well. But for a reason, Venice was meant to be captured on film to stay true to my research of authenticity.

Of course it is a cheap film and the results are accordingly, but the colors seemed to be realistic, maybe slightly over saturared (which was fine with this flat weather).

Venice in november has a pretty mystic and dark atmosphere with heavy fog (a lot of fog and high water Acqua Alta), so the ISO400 appeared to be a good choice except in very low light situation where the Kodak could’nt handle it well.

Here under are my favourite from the two rolls I shot, enjoy !

Note: some small edit for straightening on the photos.(All images Copyright, Tom Grimbert)

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