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Data Services — DMG Healthcare Database A dermatologist is the physician who solves all your significant problem with skin. Dermatology deals with the diagnosis & treatment of diseases related with skin, hair & nails. A report from IBIS world quotes that cosmetic & general dermatology as combined can generate 12$billion revenue along with increase in annual growth of 2.5 percent. We Data Markers Group identified the potential market available in dermatology industry. We believe that there is always better way of doing things hence we try to execute our business ideas in a planned manner.

First & foremost to run a successful campaign one must have comprehensive & accurate dermatology database. We Data Marketers have most powerful database that is verified & validated over regular interval of time. We acquire data from various sources such as campaigns, seminar, trade shows & healthcare magazines. Our database is compiled into single repository by acquiring data from various sources. Thus we help the sales & marketers with single sources than referring different database. More importantly our database compiled of all physician information. Generally a physician may have their own practice or combine with group practice or can be an affiliate of hospital or health systems. So it becomes tough for the marketers to contact them in person. So we Data Marketers Group help in bridging the gap between sales person & physician. We offer you the database which has complete information about physician including NPI (National Provider Identifier).

Additionally we offer customized database for the client requirements. You are allowed give the business requirement so that we can offer customized solution. Generally we label database based on Name, Practice, NPI, Specialty & associated hospital or health system. Our priority is serving our clients to the best extent & attract new customers. Our data driven approach ensure that marketing database is accurate, update to date and complete. Our database allows you to establish regular communication with targeted dermatologist in the industry. So why to wait? Start your campaign with us for getting more authentic dermatologist database. We assure you that be it any kind of marketing campaigning as per your regional, national or global need, one solution is DMG’s Dermatology Database. At DMG we have experienced expertise to help your marketing strategy. Reach us anytime, we are happy to be part of your business.

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