Should You Cover the Camera on Your Computer?

You should. Here’s why —

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Mark Zuckerberg, Lord of the Internet, obviously thinks it’s a good idea. While I used to think that it served little purpose (unless you were a public figure), the CIA scandal has made me reconsider this position.

Edward Snowden appears to have covered his laptop’s camera. While his leaks dealt more with the NSA’s habit of listening to our phone conversations, it seems that he may have guessed that the CIA was also peering through the cameras on our devices.

If this is how our government acts now, how will it act in 20 years? Will they hack into our cortex implants, looking for potential thought crimes?

Thankfully, my computer is a Dell from the technological Dark Ages and has no camera. If I had a camera, I can say with absolute certainty that I would cover it.

The government can not be allowed to violate our Constitutional rights. They are treading on thin ice, and do not seem to recognize it. A government with such corruption can not be allowed to continue once we reach technological maturity. They are leading us, blindfolded, into dystopia. Thankfully, people are slowly becoming aware of this deep-seeded corruption (Thanks, Snowden). It is hard to believe that I’m saying this, but things could be far worse. At least we know that they are doing this. Ignorance is only the illusion of bliss, and even then — only for some. It is rather frightening to imagine how similar we are to the ‘Matrix’ (a simulated world, governed by tyrannical ‘agents’). Often, we see elderly people worrying about things like the internet and autonomous driving — Worrying that the government will hack into them at their whim. While it is easy to brush off such fears, there may truly be some weight to them.

How long will it be until the government monitors every aspect of our lives? How long until they monitor our every thought? As I write, this future is the default, but it can still be changed — Not by politicians, but by the outrage of ordinary people.

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