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It seems weird to be worried about Wonder Woman for the same reasons as Suicide Squad.
For starters the director is Patty Jenkins, whose most famous film to date was an incredibly sensitive and feminist telling of the story of a very complex woman. Suicide Squad’s direct was David Ayer, a man whose hyper-masculine filmography gave off all the early warning signs of him giving no real respect to his female characters.
Second, Gal Gadot herself is a pretty self-aware feminist with two years as of military service as an enlisted soldier of the Israel Defense Forces behind her. Unlike Robbie, who was cast as Harley because she had been steadily building a body of work comprised mainly of playing objectified and/or sexualized women (including herself in The Big Short). Robbie leaned hard into Ayer’s gross vision, but I have no worries about anything similar happening to Wonder Woman, from either Gal or Patty.

Not to say I won’t still be worried about it being bad in general. Zack Snyder did supervise on the script, so it still has a good chance of being terrible, but sexist in the way Suicide Squad was? It definitely will not be that.