Inevitably it’s been a few months. I hate to say it, but I have been fearful of my email inbox. Not having had the time to give it my full attention, I have shied away like Pandora. Expecting the worst, I finally plucked up the courage and logged in. A had nightmares about dissolutioned contacts, frustrated suppliers, being lambasted with irritation. But actually it was worst than all of that. Nothing. Nobody had replied, nobody followed up.

It struct me then that if I was not the driving force, nothing would happen. If I didn’t pick up the phone, nor would they. The trouble with entrepreneurship is that there is no trouble if you don’t do anything. Nobody gets cross, nobody cares. You just get nothing. In this latest venture it is clear, if I am to succeed, it will be will power and determination alone. The brilliance of an idea is but the start, insignificant in the utmost. It is the energy and persevere which will make you succeed and fear that will make you fail.

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