Best CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers — Review [2021]

How do you prefer your side sleeping? Would it be fetal, log, or yearner style? Whichever you enjoy the most, it’s your choice — no judgments. Nevertheless, side sleepers experience the most difficulties in CPAP therapy. You wouldn’t want your efforts to go futile, would you? Then, it is crucial that you choose only the best CPAP mask for side sleepers like you!

Talking of difficulties in CPAP therapy for side sleepers; today, it might be the issue of your pillow blocking your mask ports.

Tomorrow, it might be an imprint on your beautiful cheek caused by the pressure from your gear. And some other day, the mask would move around and disrupt your sleep.

So, you see: only a side-sleeping mask would help you! Fortunately, we have a compilation of the top gears for your side-sleeping needs in this piece.

Check it out!

CPAP Masks for Side Sleepers: Our Top Pick Based on Your Side-sleeping Style

Generally, two kinds of masks fit the bill for side sleeping. They are nasal CPAP masks and nasal pillows.

Perhaps you wonder why not full face; full face masks don’t offer the same flexibility as the other two forms. Besides, they take too much space and would come off your face when you side-sleeps.

With that said, let’s proceed to see the best mask for the three side-sleeping styles, shall we?

Fetal style: ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask

In this style, you curl up like a fetus with your knees close to your chest. As such, you need an under-the-nose mask that features cloth surfaces and soft buckles. ResMed Swift FX Nasal Pillow Mask can help!

For starters, Swift FX comes with an in-built turn-adaptable chamber. With it, the mask stays on your head regardless of what direction you turn while side-sleeping.

Also, Swift FX has dual-walled flaps that provide your nose the best comfort while you roll around in your bliss. The soft flaps fit gently into your nose to relieve your sleep apnea troubles.

More importantly, Swift FX is lightweight and has simple designs — just ear loops and headgears. Even at that, its parts (such as the gel and silicon pads) are superb quality.


Simple — Swift FX has a basic structural design. Thanks to that, it is easy to use. Adjust the velcro straps, fit the pads, and enjoy comfortable sleep!

Lightweight yet durable — despite the light make up materials of Swift FX, they are quite long-lasting. When you consider the outstanding quality, you’d realize you are getting great value for your money. Featherweight, simple, and enjoyable nights!


Likely discoloration — users have complained of a yellow tint to their Swift FX after several months of frequent use.

Log Style: Fisher and Paykel Opus 360

Log style is similar to the fetal style. The only difference is that you won’t retract your knees, and you’re likely to turn around the bed a lot more than in the former.

In this case, you would also require a soft mask to reduce the pressure off your face and arms. Also, note that an under-the-nose gear yet remains the best for this style of side-sleeping like the former. And that is why our pick is Fisher and Paykel Opus 360.

As the name implies, Opus 360 allows you to make 360° movement while sleeping, turning left to right (or vice-versa) with no worries. The beauty of this mask is that it allows you to fit your gears from whatever angle you wish. You could anchor such over your head, sideways, or even straight down.

Similar to Swift FX, Opus 360 is also lightweight. However, it did one better than Swift FX; Opus 360 has an air diffusion feature. With it, you get less distraction from the noise around you.


Quiet sleep — thanks to its advanced air diffusion technology, sleeping with Opus 360 brings calm sleep void of noise — even the ones from your shores and exhalations.

360° degree movement — whatever position you eventually turn in three styles of side sleeping, Opus 360 got you! This mask offers you comfortable sleep all the same.


More of beast than beauty — despite the exceptional features, Opus 360 fall shorts on aesthetics. Not that it looks entirely ugly. But, compared to other masks, the manufacturers could do better.

Yearner Style: Philips Respironics DreamWear Nasal Fit-Pack

In this position, you extend your arms out front while sleeping. For that reason, you will experience less pressure on your arms and little to none on your face.

Baseline: any side sleeping mask will work for you! Our pick is DreamWear Nasal. Why?

First, DreamWear Nasal is one of the products of CPAP manufacturers giants in Philips. Second, the mask is extreme-light with a minimal contact design. Such designs ensure that you sleep with no fear of strap marks or imprints on your face the next day.

Lastly, DreamWear Nasal covers a range of cushions for users with different face shapes and sizes. All you need is to interchange the headgears to face your face.


Versatile — due to its lightweight and options for different kinds of face, DreamWear Nasal meets all sorts of needs. Be it commercial, official, even travel; these simple yet powerful masks relieve your sleep complications.

Silky tubes — the tubes of DreamWear are almost butter soft. Even when your extended arms do rest on the pipes, a continuous flow of air will still get to your nose.


A bit noisy — DreamWear Nasal has a dual vent. Ordinarily, such a feature makes the mask deliver the freshest of air to your nose. However, the vents make noises. Though at a low level, the noise can disturb your sleep.

Verdict on The Top CPAP Mask for Side Sleepers

In the end, aesthetics or travel-friendliness doesn’t count much as effectiveness. In essence, buy the best cpap mask for side sleepers that readily meets your needs and style.