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5 min readOct 31, 2020


Hey there! So far, you have your CPAP machine and CPAP cleaner. However, you’ll still need a mask to complete the combo. And as we always advise, don’t settle for less; shoot only for the best CPAP mask.

Imagine your digestive tract without the mouth! You open a cut in your stomach and insert your food! How weird? Would the food digest? Won’t your bodily systems shut down as a result?

CPAP masks are just as crucial to overcoming sleep apnea as your mouth is to your nutrition needs. They are both entry points!

Regardless of how great a CPAP machine you have or how effective your cleaner sanitizes/detoxifies, your masks ultimately determine the outcomes of your effort. So, only the best would do!

That said, let’s see the best masks you use. But, first, check this out!

Understanding Your CPAP Mask: Forms and Uses

Sizing and styles matter when getting the just fit mask for your needs. An under-size will never fit into your nose, nor will an oversize — it would even drop at the slightest turn on your bed.

Worse case is style; CPAP mask come in three — and each meets unique needs:

Full-face masks:

As the name implies, they cover the totality of your mouth and nose. They are the best if you have nasal congestion and can only breathe through your mouth.

Nasal masks:

Which cover your entire nose, for that reason, they are your best bet if you move around on the bed quite a lot. If you need an entry point for high-pressure air, these are your guys.

Nasal pillows:

Are designed to only cover your nose snares. As such, they are fit for glass users and beard-keeping folks. Also, they provide an open vision range to read or Netflix.

Now, you have the basics of CPAP masks. See our pick for each of the three styles discussed below:

Which Is The Top CPAP Mask For Each Style:

Philips Respironics DreamWear Full Face CPAP Mask

This mask is our pick for full face masks. While most full-face features hinder your vision, Respironics DreamWear has an under-the-nose design. More importantly, you can easily switch between all three styles of CPAP masks. How possible?

Respironics DreamWear has interchangeable frames. Meaning: you can save money instead of buying three forms of masks. It readily meets three different purposes. Great value for money!

Another feature of the Respironics DreamWear is its magnetic clips. With those, the removal of your gears is convenient and fast.

The best part: DreamWear fits all sleeping positions. You needn’t worry if you’re a stomach or side sleeper.


Versatility — thanks to its interchangeable frames, Respironics DreamWear fits all your CPAP needs. At the slight modification, you’ll get comfort without spending an extra dime.

Free-return insurance — if your mask gets faulty after purchase, don’t fret; you have a 30-day lapse to return the product. Within that time frame, you can either get another gear or your money back.


Difficult to clean — when you often shuffle between the three styles, your Respironics DreamWear accumulates dirt. Such can be difficult to clean!

ResMed Mirage FX CPAP Nasal mask

This gear is your answer for a simple yet effective top CPAP mask. The manufacturer, ResMed, adapted the product designs of Mirage FX to bring the most convenience to users.

You will hardly feel the gear on your face. Thanks to Mirage FX’s flexible, lightweight forehead guild, there is less contact with your face. As such, the mask stays firm on your nose; you won’t sacrifice your comfort in the process.

Furthermore, Mirage FX comes in various sizes. The gear features different ranges of cushion width and frame lengths. Be it a wide or narrow face; you will always get your just fit feature.

Lastly, Mirage FX has a double comfort component: dual wall and butterfly wing feature. In line with the gear’s cushion and frame, the dual-wall complex distributes the pressure on your face. That way, you won’t experience pains around the edges of your face.

The butterfly wing, on the other hand, ensures the hard plastic stays away from your forehead. Only the pads touch you!


Easy to set-up and maintainMirage FX design base is four parts. You can readily fix those parts and disassembly them (to clean or unpack) as you please.

Quiet sleep Mirage FX muffles the sound around you. As such, it diffuses the air around you to bearable, near-silent levels. In the end, you would get comfortable and deserved night rests.


Discoloration — after several months of use (depending on the frequency of use), your Mirage FX starts showing a yellow tint.

ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask

Like Mirage FX, AirFit also promises quiet-comfortable sleep. This gear has a specific QuietAir vent technology with a woven mesh that sieves out the noise to bearable levels.

ResMed (the manufacturer) claims AirFit is 50% lighter than other pillow CPAP gears. Though the statistics is not verifiable, AirFit is incredibly lightweight. You’d forget you have something on your face if not for the velcro straps and the tubes.

Talking of tubes, AirFit works with all ranges of micro-tubing for CPAP machines. That means you’ve got a one for all masks for your reading and late-night Netflixing.


Replaceable parts — you needn’t worry of discarding your AirFit at the slightest damage. You can always replace the three easy-to-fix parts.

The whole package — at the purchase of AirFit, you’d get your headgear, masks, and nasal replacements. The nasal replacements usually come in three.


Rigid head straps — AirFit straps are not adjustable. In essence, you have to shop for your exact size.

Our Verdict On The Best CPAP Masks

Our list is complete, and you can choose whichever is the best cpap mask that you love. Note that it is wise to seek a doctor’s advice before making the purchase.