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How The Superman Complex Stops You From Succeeding Online

When I first started blogging, I was scared of putting work out there.

Thoughts would scramble around my head persuading me to pull back from pushing publish on my posts.

The thoughts were eerily familiar.

“What will my friends think about this?”
“Who’s going to read this anyway?”
“My writing is terrible, I’m going to get slaughtered for this!”

What all of these thoughts had in common, was that they were just that, thoughts.

They were imagined outcomes stemming from a lack of belief in myself.

Once I learned to let go off these self-limiting beliefs and embrace the Superman complex, I instantly felt better, and my work started to pick up.

After reading this piece by Tim Denning, I felt compelled to write about this complex.

Ditching the complex and embracing my online presence has allowed me to accomplish things I had always dreamed of and never thought I would!

The Fear of Judgement

Back in 2015 when I started my blog, I was insecure about my writing.

At that time my website was virtually anonymous. I was lucky if I was getting three or five visitors a day.

Worrying about what people would think was the furthest thing from my mind. I just wanted people to click through to my site!

Once I began to understand SEO and marketing, more and more visitors began to flock to my site.

This was when I began to worry that people close to me might click through and read what I was writing.

It’s for this reason I held off on telling my friends about my site, and creating a Facebook page.

I was afraid of their judgement.

I was afraid they would ridicule me.

I was afraid, pure and simple.

It was easier to hide behind a screen than embrace my online presence. Some of my deepest and darkest thoughts were on there.

Did I really want those close to me to read them?

Crush your complex and become Superman

It’s normal we are afraid to express our thoughts in public forums for fear of being judged.

Most of us will have experienced crushing humiliation during our younger years while we were at school.

If you revealed to your friends you had a hobby such as stamp-collecting, you could expect to be mercilessly teased about until the end of time.

Teenagers can be ruthless at times.

Experiences such as these can lead you to becoming wary of sharing your inner thoughts and interests to the wider world for fear of wider ridicule.

The world wide web is a big place.

It’s not just a few of your cloest friends who can read your work, it’s anybody with an internet connection.

That can be unnerving.

But, it can also be empowering.

No matter what we think, our view point is valid.

Our unique view of the world be just the thing someone on the other side of the world was looking for.

Just because we think our articles will receive criticism does not mean they will.

Not everyone will agree with what you write, but a lot of people will.

They will appreciate you for baring yourself online, for revealing your deepest and darkest thoughts.

After all, how many of us are comfortable hiding behind a screen.

Not only will this approach impact others, it will impact you.

Embracing your presence online and being open with it, will allow you to live life to the fullest.

Telling your story to the world has the potential to change your life, and become comfortable with you are.

Ditch your complex and soar like Superman!