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Two reasons.

  1. He plays for the Jazz
  2. He’s white

Despite his terrific play, which includes dunks, sweet handles, solid D, great shooting and passing he is left out to a degree.

However he is an all-star, so really his on court exploits didn’t leave him to go unnoticed. Just unnoticed in the sense of not being popular. Perhaps fans are reluctant to embrace the white basketball player. Afraid of getting too excited for his success and potential. White American fans don’t want to look like they love or favor the white guy because he looks like they do. Perhaps some fans and media are a little reluctant to fully embrace him because they harbor some doubt that he will continue to play at a high level.

Charles Barkley picked Hayward to be in his top 25 players near the beginning of the season. Shaq disagreed, as he hardly had given GORDON any attention. He later in his own way apologized admitting Hayward had game. Until everyone gives him credit and recognizes that the man can ball, he won’t be fully embraced and recognized for what he accomplishes on the hardwood.

Hayward is among the games best. He would be an all-star on any team he plays on. All he wants to do is win, and that is what makes his skill set extra deadly.

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