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Yes. Probably Saric he’s terrific, especially lately. Very good, actually surprisingly super. And he’s mentioned in your article. But before you rip in this rookie class, keep in mind that some very talented rooks went to very good teams. jBrown to the Celts, and Pöltl to the Raptors. So their impact is low. However Brown is starting to show more and more as each week passes. Yes, you mention Murray, and Denver is fairly deep at his positions, so not a lot of room to play. In the end there is some great talent, and Brogdon is fantastic too, but because the article seems a little focused on scoring the impact of all these rookies is down played. Players offer more than just scoring. Saric rebounds and Malcolm is very well rounded, even notching a triple double. I think the story here could be that if Saric wins he will be the first white guy to win since Mike Miller 16 yrs ago. Unless we count good ol’ Blake Griffin 😂

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