Hello Journalism from Ello?

Screenshot from Ello

Ello is a unique social media platform. It is completely anonymous and you MUST be invited in order to join the website. This would make it extremely difficult if you are a news station trying to get onto the social media site if you are not already.

To be invited to the website, you must have a friend or an acquaintance who is already on it send you an invite via email. You have 25 invites, but you can always get more. This presents the problem of how to get onto the social media site? Well, we need to hope someone we know is on it! (HINT: I am!)

Screenshot of profile

Some of the positives? You can see stats on how many different people view your posts.

Random Person’s Ello Post Views

You can also post pictures and links as well, which could be helpful to tell a story via the platform. Links can be included in either the biography or also the post themselves, which is partially shown above. This social media site is a hybrid between twitter (usernames @tom_weineck and follower(s)/(ing). The reason it is similar to Facebook is mainly the way the profile is. PLUS IT IS AD FREE!!!!! You do not have to worry about the site tracking what you do on other websites/social media(s).

It is a good way to tell a story though. Here is a perfect example:

Screenshot of my Profile

Well, maybe that wasn’t the best example but it does show links can be included in the posts and it can be made visually appealing. These all will help build a journalistic background on the social media site, provided you can get on the social media site.

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