Journalists’ Facebook Engagement


I chose to review KGUN 9's social media several weeks ago. I looked at how KGUN 9 used several social media websites. I am specifically looking at one social media website this time but from a different lens. Facebook is a great way to make connections if you are a journalist. Now it is time to look at how journalists from KGUN 9 use the social media giant.

First I will start out with one needing improvement. Keaton Thomas is by no means is a bad reporter, but his social media approach is. He connected his Twitter page to his Facebook page, which seems to take away substance from his posts. When he connects the two together, his voice seems exactly the same. For example:

Keaton Thomas Facebook Page

Both posts are exactly the same. The post on Twitter is fine because tweets are limited to 140 characters. The Facebook post needs to be improved by including more details of the incident. The photo on the Facebook post does help make it a bit more of an engaging post.

I did notice he interacted with his fans for the Super Bowl, but it was a link to twitter picture. It seemed as though he was rarely willing to respond to people. The post below was one of the few times I saw him respond.

On a good note, Keaton Thomas does post very often, which keeps his fans interested in his posts.

Now we shift gears towards someone who is engaging and interesting on Facebook from KGUN 9. This person is Samantha Cortese. Below is an exmaple of how she is engaging with her fans.

She also has a different voice for both Twitter and Facebook.

The different voices for both intended audiences helps reach out to her followers and fans on both social media sites. Samantha Cortese also responds to comments from most of her fans on Facebook as well.

Samantha Cortese is engaging on Facebook with viewers as the photo above shows. This will help build a repertoire between KGUN 9 viewers who also use Facebook and the station itself. This connection can help build a stronger following between Samantha Cortese and KGUN 9 viewers. The engagement could lead to more story ideas for her and the station.