KGUN 9 Social Media

The television station who’s social media I will be focusing on for the semester long project is KGUN 9 in Tucson, AZ. The station is the 70th designated market area for television newscasts. The twitter and Facebook pages seem really active. Tweeting very often and also posting on Facebook often as well.

When I went to the news station’s website page, it was easy to find their social media accounts. The social media accounts were on the right side of the screen in plain view.

KGUN Website Screengrab

Upon observing their social media accounts, I wanted to familiarize myself with how often they tweeted, what they tweeted about, and if the headlines were mainly the same. I noticed they were keeping up on all social media accounts. KGUN’s twitter seemed to be very active. The twitter page also had spelled a word in a tweet incorrectly.

The twitter page did have good pictures when it came to stories. They had a picture for almost everything they posted, however they usually just copied their headlines from the website to twitter.

I noticed posts to Facebook were different than some tweets, and some posts and tweets were exactly the same. However, I did notice KGUN sent out two similar Facebook posts a story on Ford recalling it’s Ranger pick-up trucks. Here is the first post and the second. I do not think the original post should have been kept, it should have been an update at most.

One of the other things I was quite surprised about was the lack of video teases for the upcoming newscasts. I saw zero videos from either the twitter handle or the Facebook page with in the past few days. Last video on Facebook was from the beginning January. The lack of video teases and videos, seemed to make the twitter and Facebook page at times, look like they are automated. I did notice some responses from KGUN’s official Facebook page to people who commented on their posts. KGUN was clarifying information for someone who read the story.

I also checked KGUN’s competition, KVOA, and they did not nearly tweet as often. With their last tweet being three hours ago. I also checked the other competition as well, Tucson News Now’s twitter. They had quite a bit of retweets, but they did have a lot of their own posts as well.

KGUN also has a YouTube page. It has over 2,000 subscribers, however, they only get a handful of views.

KGUN YouTube Page

The lack of views leads me to believe there is not much of a dedicated following on their YouTube page. This is quite the opposite of their twitter and Facebook pages which have a much better following. Facebook commands a strong 115,038 likes. Twitter has 26,800 followers. Both of these numbers show on other social media sites, they have a strong following.