Social Media and Breaking News

2b.) When it comes to breaking news, you will usually see many tweets or Facebook posts about what could be going on. The reason for the use of “could” is because the journalist should not just use twitter information alone. The reason behind this is because the information which is given may not be correct. This is why crowd-sourcing information could be dangerous to a reporter’s reputation if they report any wrong information. Crowd-sourcing social media should be used in a way similar to the scanner. It should be used to give an idea of what is going on, but the journalist needs to confirm what is going on.

2a.) When the Amtrak trail derailed in Northfield, Vermont, many news stations were tweeting out what they knew at the time. This is the same for a man who had relatives on the train.

This progressed into a media frenzy where various media outlets were looking to use his photos.

These are just a few of the many tweets this man received because his family was on the train. This would help verify information regarding the situation if any of the reporters got in contact with Brian Bell’s parents. This goes to show how quickly things can spread on any form of social media.

2c.) The way to put information from social media sites should be based upon verification. It is imperative journalists have the correct information before they press the tweet button or have anything go on any other social media site. Anything gathered from social media should be put into context as well. The question arising from that is, “How do you do this?” Well, it is simple, when writing the story, you need to have everything confirmed that this person is who they say they are and everything they said is true. Without the background information about what is going on, the person’s tweet the journalist is using is almost unimportant. The tweet should have supporting evidence behind it. For example: The tweet above should only be used as a way to gather more information and bring the story to life by using the picture.

2d.) If I was working during the Boston Marathon in 2013, I would have tried to get in contact with who I know is there. If there were any of my co-workers there I would try getting information from them. I would stay away from using twitter as a way to gather information for the broadcast, instead I would use it as a guide to either confirm or deny information for the officials. I would treat it as if it was a scanner reporting some information.