How we Redux — Part 2 (Setup)
Abhi Aiyer

This isn’t working for me, when I run meteor the npm-container won’t build and I get this error:

error: couldn’t run `npm shrinkwrap`: Command failed: npm ERR! Error: Problems were encountered
 npm ERR! Please correct and try again.
 npm ERR! missing: react@^0.14.6, required by react-dom@0.14.6
 npm ERR! missing: react@^0.14.6, required by react-addons-create-fragment@0.14.6

If I take react-paginate out of app.browserify.json and packages.json it builds, but then I can also the “react”: “Package.react-runtime.React.require” line from app.browserify.options.json and it still builds.

That suggests to me that either browserify isn’t running, or externalify isn’t working as expected? Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong?

Edit: I should say the source from github works fine for me. I’ve tried importing the lib directory and packages.json file into my working copy of the code and it still doesnt work.

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