Why Your Next Press Release Should Be More Like an App Experience

by Tom Becktold

If you’re sharing and posting press releases the same way you did a few years ago or even a few months ago, it’s time for a rethink. Data show us that your targets are on mobile devices and they’re influenced on social networks. Their attention spans are shorter than ever.

So, why exclude more than half your audience? We’ve created a way for you to quickly convert your press release and associated content so it thrives on mobile devices and influences better on social media.

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Move beyond just press releases to include an array of your best content — without any surcharges or surprise fees. And grab at least 10,000 relevant impressions with our highly targeted social promotion — think of it as a social newswire customized each time you use it.

Become a NewsDriver Explorer and help influence our path forward. We’ll give you our mobile press release tips guide and do a mobile review your latest press release.

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