Why You Need to Create Mobile-First PR Content

by Tom Becktold

If you’re sharing and posting press releases the same way you did a few years ago or even a few months ago, you’re probably missing a huge segment of your audience. Data show that your targets are on mobile devices and they’re influenced on social networks. Their attention spans are shorter than ever.

5 Insights to Better Mobile Content

Text-heavy press releases serve a purpose in newsrooms — providing in-depth insight for reporters and analysts as they are filing stories.

Outside of that environment though, you need less text and more visuals and interactivity. You’re competing in an ever-more cluttered information environment, and you’re most likely competing on a mobile screen and on a social network, where you have a second or less to break through.

What to do?

  • Highlight key points and edit away what isn’t absolutely compelling.
  • Mix in images and videos — grab assets down the hall from marketing and advertising.
  • Send that content over to us at NewsDriver and we will convert it into a concise mobile story, called a Driver.
  • We measure audiences, influencers, platforms, content, and more, so you know connects and what doesn’t.

Curious? Check out our gallery to see how your peers use NewsDriver.

A Different Perspective on Audience Targeting

For audience targeting, our approach is mobile-social. While you pitch your influencers, we reach directly to their audiences. We get your Driver into the mobile streams of highly targeted audiences, building message impressions and engagement that also provide insights on what content and influencers connect best to your message.

We’d love to show you more — and hear your thoughts. Comment below. Call us. Email us. Give us a test drive.