Public Relations and Marketing Convergence ~ Partnership or Battle?

Social Growth

Social media is a driving force in communications convergence conversations because it crosses paid-earned-shared-owned (PESO) lanes that were traditionally helmed by different segments of the communications ecosystem.

Public Relations Alignment

Public relations skills are well aligned with social media needs — I’d argue more so than any other communications discipline.

Serving the Varied Needs of PR Influencers

As a long-time PR services veteran, my natural inclination is to look to the available tools for issues and opportunities. For more than 26 years, I lived convergence, using third-party marketing tools along with the PR tools of my then-employer, Business Wire, to influence a pretty sophisticated public relations audience.

Collaborative Opportunities to Boost PR

PR should be partnering with marketing for resources and insight. Marketing often has relevant visuals, videos, multimedia, and sets the broader key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarks, while PR sets the critical organic narrative. The PR narrative coupled with marketing visuals can be quickly adapted to appeal to mobile-social audiences.

Reimagining PR Content For A Mobile Social World

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