We’ve been asked by many organisations on how STAGE TEN can help turn their in-person live event into an exceptional virtual livestream experience.

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With the coronavirus capturing all the headlines in recent days, many conferences and events are facing postponement, or cancellation. From music festivals like Coachella, to technology events like Collison — the current state of the world has made it difficult to bring people together to learn, socialize and network.

It’s a challenging environment, but one we think can be overcome with technology and thinking outside the box.

With mobile network technology almost everywhere and an abundance of…

The answer may surprise you….

As most people are likely aware by now, live stream commerce is experiencing massive adoption in Asia, with China leading the way on usage, sales, and innovation. Entire studios and celebrities are being born out of this new style of live video shopping.

Businesses and brands are finding really creative ways to utilize this new medium. Not surprisingly, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies lead the way, with makeup and fashion brands being early innovators.

Major cosmetic brands like Maybelline and L’Oreal were one of the first, using online influencers and real life celebrities to market products during live streams.

Make -up & fashion experiences

In 2016, Maybelline hosted a stream on its social media channels and had several influencers participate in a lipstick promotion which resulted in 5M viewers, 10,000+ units sold, and $210,000 (USD) in sales in just a 2-hour broadcast!

What if you could interact with your customers in real-time like never before?

A new phenomena is sweeping across the online shopping experience in Asia. Live stream shopping, or more simply cited as live shopping, is experiencing explosive growth, with over $15B (USD) in transactions occurring in 2018 alone. TaoBao Live, the live stream selling division of AliBaba, recently recorded sales of $2.5B on Singles Day (11/11).

Kleiner Perkins has recently reported that live streaming in China has become the most lucrative source of online revenue per hour, ahead of more established products such as video games, TV, and music.

So what is live stream shopping and why does it work so well?

Tom Novakoski

25+ years working in tech & sales. Part of the low-latency video revolution at STAGE TEN. Likes reading about sports, horse racing and politics.

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