Here’s how…

I know nothing about DIY.

I mean, *nothing*.

But with a few basic tools and a bit of ingenuity I managed to turn a boring IKEA MALM chest of drawers into the perfect piece of furniture for any kid who loves Lego.

This is the recipe:

10 Downing Street has realized people don’t watch the news anymore — but will the Tories’ foray onto Facebook Live work?

Composite: Wikimedia Commons/Facebook, compiled by Chris Stokel-Walker

It wasn’t the normal opening to a vlog. “Good afternoon,” said the U.K. Prime Minister on August 14th as he gazed, slightly awkwardly, down the barrel of the camera. “I’m speaking to you live from my desk in Downing Street.” Behind him, carefully placed in the background, was a Union flag and a model of a red London bus.

With MPs away on their summer break, Boris Johnson was opening up the weekly ritual of Prime Minister Questions — where he faces Members of Parliament in the bear-pit of the House of Commons — to the public. …

Tom Barton

is a writer and broadcaster reporting on how policy and politics affect the lives of people across the UK.

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