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This is nothing more than attempt to paint those calling for ideological diversity in academic (and other) settings as maniacal homophobes, flat earthers, creationists, etc. The author also makes certain to excuse the ivory tower mainstays- professors. Sure, they’re “left-leaning”, but the suppression of conflicting opinions/speech is really the fault of well intentioned students who are misapplying the wisdom imparted to them by a tenured faculty that’s spent their entire adult lives in academia.

To borrow from (and paraphrase) a favorite author: The faculty of any college has spent their entire lives mastering an area of study, then debating said area with college kids learning the subject for the first time. Naturally, they’re always the expert in the (class)room. They’re under the impression that this expertise carries over into all subjects; politics, religion, economics, etc. They are sorely mistaken.