If you want to combine your launch with a marketing event and a fine-tuned communication plan, this article is for you.

In the last 10 years at Lunabee Studio, we launched several mobile apps on the Stores, and this point is always discussed with our customers. I’ve tried to summarize here what we know and recommend.

It’s mostly focused on the very first launch of your app (meaning the v1.0). But some recommendations below also apply to a major update of your mobile apps.

A Mobile App is not a website

It’s obvious to say, but it means a lot.
While you can control a website end-to-end, and launch it exactly when you want, it’s not so easy with mobile apps for two main…

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It’s been almost 10 years that notifications invaded us, from your smartphone to your smartwatch.

So that you understand my digital life, here are the products I use to communicate:
1. With my family and friends, I’m mostly on WhatsApp, Messages, Facebook Messenger and Zenly. And I‘m also a big fan of Flickr to share photos with family.
2. And at work (I’m cofounder at Lunabee Studio and 86%), I use Workplace, and also Slack, Skype and Hangouts (with customers/partners).

It’s really convenient to get a notification, especially a notification bringing (immediate) value to you. …

In that article, I will share with you what I felt in the last few weeks, interacting with Tesla, both the company and a Model S.

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Last year, I went to the Tesla “Store” (yep, it’s a “Store”, not a “dealership”) in Palo Alto, California.

I wanted, at last, to drive a Tesla. It’s probably the next car I will acquire, but I had to confirm first that it was as awesome as it sounds. …

First, let me add a caveat on that article: we believe old-fashioned meeting rooms are dead for all jobs for which you use your smartphone or laptop during a meeting.
That being said, there are plenty of other jobs for which these old-fashioned meeting rooms might make sense 😉.

We have been inspired by our friends at TheFamily, Google Paris, or Facebook HQ (that we visited last year in the Valley).
What we came up with is a blend of all good ideas, that were making sense for our company.

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Our brand new meeting room — version 2.0 :) © Olivier Berni

Cozy, spacious and motivating your creativity

We believe that meeting rooms should be like your living room: cozy, spacious and motivating your creativity. …

We’re the team behind oneSafe — a password manager — since 2011 (just launched oneSafe 4 last week on iOS!).

Even if “password managers” are generalized now in 2017 (at least more, compared to 2011), we still have this question asked very often: “Why should I use a password manager?”.

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© Vince

Online security, then and now

Fifteen years ago, life was much simpler. You only had to remember two or three passwords — your debit card PIN number, computer login, and email account password — and that was pretty much it.

Back then, your greatest security risk was getting your house robbed or your car stolen.
Today, with the advent of social media, e-commerce and online banking, you face a more severe security threat than ever before. …

At Lunabee Studio, we create mobile Apps since 2010 (oneSafe being our flagship), in the Alps.

We’re a team of developers. We do our best to stay current on technologies, and to keep on trying new frameworks, technologies and OS features.

Worth the investment?

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with Tim Cook (Apple WWDC 2016)

Initially, we were quite reluctant to go to developer conferences (e.g. Google I/O, Apple WWDC or Droidcons).

We thought it would be sufficient to watch videos of these conferences.

And the budget necessary to buy (quite expensive) tickets and stay several days in another country (e.g. SF, NYC, or London) would be overkill vis-a-vis what we could learn.

Basically, we thought it was not a good investment. …

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Focus is key. 1 app = 1 (awesome) feature. And here is why.

At Lunabee Studio, the 2 co-founders and I spent time in Asia, Europe and the US.

We worked on large and small software projects, with large corporations, medium ones, and startups.

There are many cultural differences between all these regions and structures. There are also variations in terms of mindset, and obviously structural and organizational differences between a large corporation and a startup.

But there is something pretty universal when you start working on product features: this is what we call the Christmas Wishlist syndrome, which is a nightmare for mobile Apps.

This is one of the most controversial topic in the mobile App world: hybrid (non-native) or native?

Who we are

At Lunabee Studio, we are publishers of our own Apps since 2010 (oneSafe being our flagship), and an “App Studio” for our customers. Our customers are 40% startups, 40% large corporations, and medium-sized enterprises represent the last 20%.

We create premium (native) Apps from the ground up. Premium apps, what does it mean? To us, the user experience is key, and it’s a blend of these characteristics: simple, focus, efficient and natural.
And with these characteristics in mind, the technology you choose to develop your Apps must be super efficient and scalable i.e. …


Thomas Jaussoin

CEO at Lunabee Studio

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