…to bring bitcoin and digital assets to investor around the world

Last week, I was appointed Managing Director at 3iQ Digital Asset Management to lead business development and marketing. It will be an honor to work alongside asset management veterans like Fred Pye who was instrumental to bringing gold, silver and platinum listed certificates to the Montreal Stock Exchange in the 80s. Fred is now repositioning his expertise to bring digital assets like bitcoin into brokerage and retirement accounts.

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Last year, 3iQ was successful in their monumental battle against the Ontario Securities Commission to list The Bitcoin Fund (QBTC.U) on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

A regulated, asset-backed security that trades on…

Financial advisors who manage $31 trillion require compliant access to bitcoin. Are we there yet?

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Bitcoin exists as a self-sovereign, cryptographically verified digital asset that can be easily acquired and stored on a mobile phone. For retail investors, this convenience comes with a number of drawbacks, specifically around the risk of theft or loss. For professional asset managers such as financial advisors and institutional investors to get exposure to bitcoin, they have to satisfy a very high bar of legal and regulatory compliance. This paper and supplementary data will attempt to outline various fund structures and the current offerings.

  • Investment funds simplify the process of acquisition, custody and management of digital assets.
  • Various investment structures…

Almost every disruptive benefit of bitcoin is surfacing amidst the COVID-19 crisis

YTD performance as of April 7th

Bitcoin: +1.7%

S&P 500: -3.2%

Investment Grade Bonds (LDQ): -16.0%

We experienced the largest short-term drawdown in 33 years. Stocks, corporate bonds and treasuries are licking their wounds from one of the largest market dislocations in our lifetime. A run on physical gold has rendered that market grossly inefficient, if not frozen at times. Bitcoin, as an electronic alternative to gold, has the hard money characteristics that investors seek in such a dire landscape.

Former Federal Reserve Chair, Janet Yellen, “The Fed…is far more restricted than most other central banks…it would be a substantial…

Tom Lombardi

Managing Director @ 3iQ Digital Asset Management. Adjunct prof @pepperdine teaching Digital Assets Finance. Former ibanking and quant finance @BofAML

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