We caught up with Mike from Hobo with a laptop to find out more about how he became a digital nomad and the steps he took to put in place a flexible, balanced life.

What did you do before you worked remotely?

Before I started traveling I was an ecommerce consultant who planned and then managed massive website projects. It began as an in-house job for an ecommerce company, and evolved into me working directly for my clients as a consultant, later on.

When I decided to travel full time I started by living in a remote part of Thailand and internet wasn’t very good, so I had…

So you’ve decided that you want to be a remote worker but are wondering how you can develop the skills you need to reach this amazing dream world.

Two of the most popular roles that we see on JustRemote are for developers and designers. Let’s take a deeper look at how you can develop the skills required to get started in these exciting remote roles.

Become a Remote Developer

There are a lot of developer roles and when we say a lot we mean a lot. …

Working remotely is the dream. You can wake up whenever you like, you can work from wherever you want and ultimately it’s you making the decisions about how you want your life to be.

However, with great flexibility comes great responsibility 😉

It’s important to remember that to maintain this level of flexibility you have to ensure you are working effectively and achieving the requirements of your employer who is relying on you.

Most people when they first start remote working will work from home, so how can you ensure you are working efficiently, completing your tasks, and still living…

Working remotely isn’t for the few, it should be for everyone and we believe that in the future that’s going to be the case more and more — just as the industrial revolution brought workers into the city, so the internet enables people to work exactly where they want to be.

However, finding your first remote position can be difficult so here are our thoughts on how to secure your first remote working job.

Photo by Artiom Vallat on Unsplash

What is a remote position?

We define a remote position as any job that will allow you to complete your required tasks from any location that you choose.

A remote position…

Two months ago we started a journey to try and build, from scratch, the greatest remote worker platform the internet has ever seen.

We called it JustRemote.co 🙌. It’s now been live for two weeks and we wanted to share it with you.

I know what you’re thinking there are thousands of job sites already.

Why on earth would the internet need yet another remote job board?!

You’re absolutely right.

No one needs another remote job board where useful details are buried in the description making it impossible to find what you’re looking for. No one needs another remote job…

Tom Pinchen

Founder JustRemote.co, Developer and Wannabe Surfer.

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