Testing OpenAI GPT-3 Private Beta in solving real-life problems

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Can a job description be sexist? Put another way: can the words we choose to describe jobs send the wrong message to female candidates? Or inadvertently put off most of the male applicants? A great deal of academic research has gone into answering these important questions, and it yields strong evidence suggesting that gendered wording in job advertisements exists and sustains gender inequality. Especially towards women.

In my very first article on Medium, I’d like to share with you a shortcuts tip that can be very useful to sourcers and recruiters. My good friend Jared told me that in search of best-qualified candidates, he as a tech recruiter has to go through hundreds of profiles on Linked Recruiter. So I decided to make his sourcing work a bit easier and created this quick fix.

Look at the results page below. After typing in all the possible search terms you end up with over 100 profiles that you need to check one-by-one. …

Tomasz Tkaczyk

Software Engineer by training, Data Scientist by heart. Passionate about great design, ML and Software 2.0.

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