Folders are a crappy solution to the cluttered lives we all lead.

Yes, I am a hypocrite. Mental health, journaling and rain apps!

This will be brief, disorganised, but well intentioned.

Your iPhone as we know is home to myriad web portals of internet-based-fun. Lately, there is a trend for apps to have a pseudo-homeopathic focus. By this I mean seemingly good intentioned (like this post) with a priority of bettering oneself (meditate daily, journal daily and workout daily.) But they also all take £3.99 per month from you.

At first glance, my home screen folders hide 13 apps with IAP (in-app purchases.) Meditate! Run! Home-workout! Cook four meals in three seconds! Rain noises! Dog relaxation music (a real thing)! …

A true story that has taught me about trust | story time

Somebody walked by me on a street just now, their aftershave leaving the trail of a memory that I fall back to all too easily. I am transported to rural, central Switzerland. We are driving down an immaculate tarmac highway, on the wrong side of the road, heading toward the town of Grindelwald which is situated at the bottom of one of the highest peaks in Europe; Jungfraujoch. At 130kmph, the dark black of the asphalt is melting beneath the hire car as we fly forwards quietly. Only the hum of the rubber on the road beneath as music.


Distractions are the clitoris of procrastination.

That got your attention. I suddenly wanted to write about something that has been on my mind for a few weeks (it isn’t the clitoris). Inspired, I went over to my iPad and I opened up Twitter because there was a Red Dot [1]. I scrolled a bit, and I laughed a lot because my Twitter timeline is absolute gold. I backed out to the home screen and decided my Podcast was playing too loudly on my Echo speaker to focus. So I went to the App Store on my iPad and downloaded the Alexa app because for some reason…

On worrying efficiently.

Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. I forgot my glasses. Fuck. Should I go back? The interview is in 10 minutes. It’s a 25 minute walk.

I went back. I was 25 minutes late to the interview. That was my first ever interview. All I knew of interviews was, don’t be late. People who know me will know that mathematics is not my strong suit. Even I could see that I would be late. I don’t think I’ve ever been late in my life. So what were the factors that led me to this idiotic choice?

First of all, judgement. With…

Hello, I haven’t written in about a year. My name is Tom, and I used to call myself a creative or a writer. Excuse after excuse, ranging from my mental health issues, to lack of subject or inspiration, pen would never reach paper. So bear with me, I’m going to just try to jump right back in and see how far that gets me. Here goes the next thirty days.

I don’t just want to be a writer, I want to write.

My mental health has been a rollercoaster for the longest time. All of my therapists from over the…

Tom Christopher Riley

“Feeling too much is a hell of a lot better than feeling nothing” — Nora Roberts

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