These Pages Fall Like Ash

Composed by Tom Abba and Duncan Speakman
with Emilie Grenier, Nick Harkaway and Neil Gaiman

These Pages Fall Like Ash is an immersive fiction. It’s a story told across the pages of two books — one is a crafted, physical, familiar artefact, the other is a digital text that emerges from the streets around you. The two platforms combine to produce a unique reading experience. It’s a story about two cities that are invisibly colliding, and two people who have become separated, lost to each other and their lives.

How do you provide an extract for a book that only exists digitally? That you have to be in a certain place to read? That’s different for every reader, because you decide where each chapter is placed?

Maybe you do it like this. This is what readers of the first edition said, back in 2013:

‘I had my eyes opened, I paused and stories came to me. I felt calm but my mind was on fire’

’A delicious and intimate journey through realities. With my wooden book and phone in my palm I became the anchor for the finest string of spider’s silk connecting me to a world that was hiding just beyond the veil.’

Imagine a book that only gives up its secrets when you walk. When you look twice at your surroundings, stand in a certain place, and read the words it shows you, just there. A book that behaves normally, but that carries a secret layer of story just for you.

These Pages Fall Like Ash is a book, and an immersive experience, and an escape. It’s available now.

You still want an extract?

Okay then.

We’ll pull something together and post it over the weekend. You’ll need to walk though….