Ten things I learned about writing by not writing

1. From using social media, I learned that most interest is self-interest.

2. From gardening, I learned that some things just can’t be rushed.

3. From cooking, I learned that it’s best to know the rules before you break them.

4. From reading to my daughter, I learned that nothing holds interest like a story.

5. From playing video games, I learned that sometimes a story just gets in the way.

6. From cycling, I learned that even if you travel the same road over and over again, you will still be different each time.

7. From losing my job, I learned that sometimes the route only becomes clear once you set off.

8. From watching movies, I learned that when being the best is almost impossible, being OK is pretty good.

9. From making home movies, I learned that what you throw away can be more important than what you keep.

10. From living together, I learned that there’s always a compromise.

11. From serving my clients, I learned that if you do a little bit extra, people notice.