What Makes Me “Wanna Go”…

I am often asked the same questions all over again… “Why do you want to go?”, “Do you think it’s better outside?”, “Everybody chooses the easiest way and goes abroad…”

Wait there… Easier? Better? Argh… Come on guys! Sometimes these types of questions and arguments drive me crazy. On the other hand, I can understand the other side of a bridge and why they may have such an opinions. Empathy.

Maybe they wanted to travel by themselves earlier on but for some whatever the hell reason it didn’t turn out well. Maybe they were told by their surrounding they won’t make it. This is what I see the most… How dreams and aspirations of my closest friends are being buried by near surrounding…

It hurts me so much when it comes to my buddies because I know they have remarkably more potential in doing their thing than I could have ever prayed for.

Potential, which is unused and nearly forgotten in some ways. It’s so much a pity, isn’t it?

I personally don’t know, where the life will lead me but it breaks my heart when I’m the witness of “funeral of dreams” in people’s twenties…

I’m the same as everyone. I’m scared of my dreams as f**k! I’m scared of what the next year will look like.

Will I be able to produce more work? 
Will I be able to get better with every image? 
Will I be able to enlarge the potential of my work? 
Will there be somebody willing to pay me for my services? 
I’m still at the beginning. I haven’t even started yet. It scares the sh*t out of me to work for those big names in the game…

Okay, now I told you how scared is my butt. BUT! At the same time, I’m excited even more than I’m scared! It motivates me. It makes me go through my own fear and somehow to go against it. Although every time I tend to make hundreds of other ways to go around and not against, but you get the idea.

It’s the same with travelling. A few years ago I couldn’t even imagine to go abroad and to start living somewhere else because, you know, “How? I’m not even a native!” (scared again)… I’m trying to go over my biggest fear. I’m moving to Denmark to make my studies here.

I don’t do it because I expect that “dream job/client/whatever” will fall from a heaven. I’ve never had this type of approach when it comes to the problem-solving. I wasn’t nurtured this way… (thank you, mum :)

The point is for me an international networking and a possibility of immediate collaboration with real companies from abroad. This motivates me the most, to try to show what’s in us and what we are capable of. Thanks to their education system we are able to spend nearly a year and a half abroad again through the internship, which takes place in other countries than Denmark. International networking and connections anew.

I believe that every country and culture can provide a different point of view to solve a specific problem. 100 people, 100 approaches and tastes. What I mean, though, when we are stuck in the one place we tend to get blind. I am not able to see the beauties of my lovely hometown as same as New York citizen does not see the Big Apple like a visitor does.

We need to hear, see and experience different alternatives. It makes me sad to think of getting stuck in the one place. I use the quote of Mr Van Schneider (even he used it in the different context, but anyways)…

““If your goal is to be running, you have to be walking first. It is much easier to start running if you are already walking.””

Tobias Van Schneider (Designer & Maker)

Every time I go back to a certain memory, which is linked to my journey on Malta. It was the time when I broke up with my very first love. You know that, the life of the adolescent. Quite emotional period, where I barely knew what the real problems are.

Anyway, I was sitting there, looking down to one of the most wonderful bays I’ve ever seen, watching the sun setting, people enjoying their time and country, surfers waiting for the right wave, couples kissing (sorry guys, I had to retouch you out for the sake of an image).

This was the moment when I realised what I really want.

The photographer, driven mostly by the location. I want to immerse myself in a certain culture or history and to give the most pleasing output, which highlights tradition and endless moments. I would be successful even when the eldest, wisest men and women could identify themselves with those images.

I need to connect with the place or person I’m photographing. All of this came to me during that evening and the only way to get it is to grab my ass and just do it!

So the next stop is Denmark!

What was your breaking point, when you realised what you really want to do or achieve? This topic fascinates me a lot so let’s an amazing discussion begin!


This is the place where it all started for me.

Originally published at www.tomanrobert.com on June 12, 2016.