Why is Spending time with family seems so unproductive.

I have become workaholic and since I have chosen the path of entrepreneurship I haven’t been sleeping well. I always think how to increase my productivity, how can I optimize everything, coding, eating, reading and even sleep, I want to achieve more in less time.

I think now I am not capable of enjoying life moments, where ever I am, I always think of one or other problem with my startup and I never relax. Even when I am in a party, I think about how to resolve something in my startup, I lost my capability to enjoy and I am in continuous fury to achieve something unknown.

Before I get into entrepreneurship, I was content and was earning good enough to spend lavishly and save some for future. Now in a way, I dream to win over the world and to achieve this I work day and night.

These days I hardly feel true happiness, I am just worried about everything about my startup and keep finding new ways to improve my productivity. I guess becoming happy is not in my goals list, maybe now I just don’t want to be happy.

As I said, I am workaholic and love to work for long hours, sometimes for 72 hours in one go and still when I go home for some relax and I keep thinking about the task I am working on.

These days I don’t want to work on anything else except my startup related work, if somebody ask me to do something for them, I try to avoid that request somehow, even if my parents contact me for something I try to avoid them because for me startup-related things are priority most and everything else is just waste of time. So sometimes when I have to spend some considerable time with my family, I feel like am wasting my time and try to avoid such situation, it’s a rat race to achieve something more!!

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