Building Bridges Into The Fog

Building bridges into the fog.

We are far past the point where any one nation could fully disconnect from the global community and maintain self-sufficiency.

This shift is global

We are up against the natural limits of our planet

When our capacity for understanding and relating in deeper ways increase, new — hereto never before seen — patterns of organisation can emerge.

This shift is systemic, emergent and transformative

“Perhaps the most challenging aspects of our current situation is that we find ourselves in perhaps the thickest fog we’ve ever collectively encountered.”

The ‘fog’ is thicker than ever before

The future will not be a state — it will be a process.

“We find ourselves awash in a war of contradicting narratives vying for the support of the masses as justification of their validity.”

We need all to become more familiar with anthropology and sociology and their languages to understand how deep this shift is going to be.

We need to jump together into a new, more beneficial and more roomy, Collective Imaginary.


We must strive towards innovation which will not only keep us within the planetary boundaries but will create a surplus state.

In 20 to 50 years

Any viable hope for creating a more desirable world must begin with the continual individual growth and development.

The growth that matters in twenty years will be our inner growth.

“Collective holistic ecosystems which have the ability to continually renew and maintain should constitute a new steady state.”

We should not let idealistic perfection get in the way of making improvements, taking steps now.

Bridges into the fog

“Having their basic financial means met would give individuals the room to work on personal development, and also to have the courage to be open for societal transformation.”

Our elders, sages, indigenous, shaman, and anyone who has seriously practiced come to see that there is only now.


Now is the time to build bridges with some principled awareness of an emerging vision for a better tomorrow and build them with a new loving care.



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