Rewinding History

The same story. Again. As if Columbia hadn’t had enough trouble with it last year. The resignation of Tim Wolfe, former president of the University of Missouri, has been nothing more than a simple anecdote. The episodes of last Tuesday, Sept. 26 confirm it: racism is daily bread. Two African-American men were verbally abused in front of a fraternity house. Yes, in a college town, where education should be a given. And, yes, even in the 21st century.

A black man hangs his head low as he walks in the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, Sunday, Sept. 4, 2016.

It’s true that one tree falling down is noisier than one million growing up, but segregation in the University of Missouri is real. It’s not an accident that headlines are overwhelmed every now and then with police brutalities against African-American citizens. Racism has been bred since America’s inception due to prejudices, unwillingness to go out of one’s comfort zone and arrogance. Hillary, Donald; you’ve got tons of work. We need bridges, not walls.

Alyssa Bish, Public Speaking professor at MU, emailed her students the night the incident occurred, encouraging them to be participants of the change. “As a scholar who studies communication and as your teacher I believe it is imperative that we have dialogue about what is happening in a safe environment. I would be negligent to proceed with class as if nothing has happened. Some of the greatest life lessons will not be from a textbook or in the classroom, but from what is taking place around you, concluded Bish.

In this dark, repetitive cancer, there might be a dim light heading to recovery. Let’s stop, reflect and start to turn that light into a constellation.

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