Installing NVIDIA and AMD GPU Headless Drivers For Crypto Mining on Linux server

Tomas Savenas
Feb 5, 2019 · 2 min read

This is how I am going to install drivers for NVIDIA 1070Ti and RX 480/580 on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS Server. This server I am using for the crypto currency mining, therefor I need performance as much as possible with headless drivers and with ROCm support it’s possible.

Check the status of display adapters

sudo lshw -c display

Let’s assume you have already installed and prepared Ubuntu 18.04.4, if not here is how I did [1].

AMD Radeon drivers, version 18.30 [2]

# Upgrade OS packages before installing sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y# Download Driverswget --referer Unarchive tar -Jxvf amdgpu-pro-18.30-641594.tar.xz
cd amdgpu-pro-18.30-641594/
# Install Drivers./amdgpu-pro-install -y --opencl=legacy,rocm --headless

Once installation has completed add yourself to the video group and reboot

sudo usermod -a -G video $LOGNAME && sudo reboot


# Optionally, Remove old software [3]
sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cuda*
sudo apt remove nvidia-*
# add PGP keys
sudo apt-key adv --fetch-keys
# Add Nvidia repo
sudo bash -c 'echo "deb /" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cuda.list'
# First install nvidia drivers then cuda
sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-headless-440 -y
sudo apt install cuda-10-2 -y

Edit ~/.profile file

# set PATH for cuda 10.2 installation
if [ -d "/usr/local/cuda-10.2/bin/" ]; then
export PATH=/usr/local/cuda-10.2/bin${PATH:+:${PATH}}
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/cuda-10.2/lib64${LD_LIBRARY_PATH:+:${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}}

System reboot is required.


I found a great tool to reduce electricity consumption by changing core speed settings. It called Radeon Open Compute System Management Interface, ROC-smi in short.This software enables the high-performance operation of AMD GPUs for computationally oriented tasks in the Linux operating system.[4]. By the way for this application an old python 2.7 is needed. Please aware of it.

sudo apt install -y python
git clone
cd ROC-smi/
./rocm-smi --setsclk 3 # Reducing core clock speed
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source [5]



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